eBay give out brand new feedback stars

By Chris Dawson January 4, 2017 - 2:01 pm

ebay-starsIn news which is definitely not of the earth shattering variety, have you noticed that eBay are using redesigned feedback stars on some pages of the site? The change isn’t particularly recent, but sometimes we don’t spot these things straight away.

You’ll still find the original version of the feedback stars sparkling across the site denoting the feedback level they equate to. The new stars lose the black border line and are a little less 3D to give a sharper more modern look.

ebay-old-feedback-starsIf you like the original feedback stars they’re currently appearing on the view item page and a seller’s feedback profile. You should be able to spot the new format stars on a seller’s new eBay shop.

So to the big question, do you like the newer feedback stars or do you prefer the old version? Regardless which version you like (and purely for my sense of consistency) it would be nice if eBay used one or the other instead of mixing up the new with the old.

  • Terry
    9 months ago

    In all honesty, I don’t think I could care less what the stars look like, and I am quite sure if I had not read this, I may never have even noticed. I am quite sure my customers won’t notice, and will care even less than I do.

    Its about time E-Bay got their act together and sorted out some of the glaring problems with their site and its operation instead of piddling around on the periphery all the time. The E-Bay platform may soon feature in an episode of the Flintstones !

  • Russell
    9 months ago

    Same as Terry, had not noticed could not care less….

    The mix of old and new is the one constant with Ebay, even some of the new sellers dashboard takes you back to old pages and when clicking on a “view order details” via a buyers message, you get taken to the item listing, not the persons order details as you would expect.

    And the list could go on and on…..

  • james
    9 months ago

    i’m glad they’re focusing on important stuff like this.

  • Max
    9 months ago

    The management are a bunch of clown holes. Laughable

  • 9 months ago

    I love reading the angry seller replies on everything eBay here on Tamebay. Any excuse to have a rant and blame eBay for your misery. If you guys put the same effort into your customer service as your keyboard warring you would be a lot happier on eBay.

  • Ian A
    9 months ago

    People have disagreed but I still believe eBay is too big to fail, it can go to the dogs they’ll still turnover billions..

    It’s a poor platform that delivers inconsistent results for its paying customers. It is however still too valuable a source of income to walk away from

    It could just be so much better if they just concentrated on the basics, speed, search, ease of use, checkout, seo.. forget about machine learning and coloured stars !

    • james
      9 months ago

      people said the same of woolworths.
      remember them?

    • SAM
      9 months ago

      You are correct. Right now it is to valuable a source to walk away from. 99% of the issues come from ebay I think that is the main issue. They never seem to be able to deal with the basics, it will catch them up. I used to work for RBS seen this before, and eBay will not get a bail out.
      Personally I think it will be social media that takes them out the game in the end. Facebook keep adding loads of features to my page. It is awhile off yet however.
      I also think customers may and as they become more “confident” understand they are paying 20% more to shop on a marketplace, will shop about more.
      My new star is lovely by the way.

  • Barbara Dibley
    9 months ago

    How about ebay checking buyers addresses when they register to make sure they are correct, now that would be an innovation!

  • 9 months ago

    I like the new stars better…Let’s hope they improve some other areas of the marketplace sellers are unhappy with.

  • Taylor
    9 months ago

    How about the staff from eBay’s art & design department close and transfer the talent into better customer services fro sellers!…

  • Robert
    9 months ago

    The ‘new’ shooting stars are less distinctive and easier to confuse with the non-shooting version. A difference noted mostly by those of us who just reached shooting star status.

    • jackanory
      9 months ago

      cant believe anyone looks at these stars their pathetic
      something you give to nursery school children

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