Amazon launch ‘Sell as Individual’ scheme in India

By Dan Wilson January 3, 2017 - 2:59 pm

in India, Amazon has launched a new service call “Sell as Individual”. You can see the page on Amazon here. The aim of the scheme is to get more individual selling second hand items within their locale in India. A fee is charged as a percentage of the sale price but included in the fee is free collection of the item, as well as a packing service and delivery.

The service isn’t entirely new. Amazon launched Junglee in India in 2012 and this service is similar. But it’s notable that they’re now leveraging the the main Amazon brand to promote it.

As it stands at the moment it’s still a very small trial, being pioneered in only Bangalore right now. So it seems like Amazon is currently proving the concept. But in due course it could well expand to include more Indian cities and other countries.

India is a crucial emerging for Amazon and the firm has been investing in services and infrastructure there to grasp the huge opportunity that such a vast country offers. Tamebay took a look at Amazon India in a piece last year.

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