Strikes haven’t impacted Post Office and Royal Mail

By Dan Wilson December 21, 2016 - 10:04 pm

Five days of strikes by CWU workers at Crown Post Office branches are currently underway and there have been reports of wildcat strikes by some Royal Mail workers. But according to Royal Mail the industrial action has had virtually no impact on services.

The last posting date for First Class mail was today (the 20th) and deliveries and collections have not been affected, it seems.

A Royal Mail spokesperson told Tamebay: “It has been business as usual at Royal Mail. The CWU strike at the Post Office has had little or no impact on our operations. This is our busiest time – our colleagues have been working as normal. Last posting dates for Christmas remain unchanged.

“Post Office limited has 99% of its 11,600 branches open today.

“Royal Mail customers will also continue to have access to Royal Mail services including pre-paid parcel drop- off through over 1,200 Customer Service Points at Delivery Offices.”

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