Strikes cause postal service delays in Germany

By Chris Dawson December 19, 2016 - 7:29 pm

UKP Worldwide have just notified their customers of postal delays in Germany due to industrial action.

Deutsche Post, has advised the heavy congestion of all inbound, outbound and transit airmail items at Frankfurt Airport due to a recent Lufthansa pilots’ strike.

Delays started before the weekend and it is anticipated that they’ll last until at least the 23rd of December which puts deliveries in time for Christmas at risk. Service delays are expected so be aware that you may have unhappy customers if your airmail parcels were due to be delivered by Deutsche Post and routed through Frankfurt.

  • William Irwin
    7 months ago

    Re Strikes cause postal service delays in Germany let hope that Amazon & Ebay will support there sellers when customers start to complain re late delivery

  • Mark
    7 months ago

    Why do items sent from the UK to Germany (and most of Western Europe) need to be transported by air?

    Surface mail should be possible in the timescales quoted and should be a lot cheaper.

    • Richard
      7 months ago

      Interlink/DPD seem to manage just fine with old-fashioned lorries, and serve most of Europe within 3-4 days, door-to-door.

    • 7 months ago

      Some of our readers may be fulfilling from the US, Canada, Australia…. China… ;-)

  • Jared
    7 months ago

    Are delays still bad in Germany?

    My item has been stuck in Frankfurt airport for the past 10 days with no update whatsoever. This is unbelievable.

    If I’d known it would take this long I would have gone by foot to deliver it.

    • Julia Hanes
      7 months ago

      I have the same problem! My parcel is still stuck in Frankfurt, did you get any updates yet? I still don’t know if it has even left the airport yet. So frustrating :(

  • Bahadir
    6 months ago

    My documents are stuck in frankfurt either. For 2 weeks. It was priority express. They dont care if it is urgent. Still no update. Turkey to USA , first they go to frankfurt airport. No update for 2+ weeks.

    Expected delivery from TR to USA 5-7days! LOL!!

    Worst service ever frankfurt!

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