Should the shops open on Boxing Day?

By Dan Wilson December 12, 2016 - 10:06 pm

When an official HM Government petition gets more than 100k signatures, it is considered for debate in the House of Commons. And that’s what happened for a petition regarding shop opening times on Boxing Day. It’s called: Close all retail on boxing day, retail isn’t needed on boxing day!

As the petition says: “Christmas is a family time, the one day is not enough time to see two sides of families, retail workers work extremely hard during the Christmas run up and only get the one day. If only everywhere could be closed boxing day! Some things are needed over the festive period, retail isn’t one of them.”

On Christmas day itself, under the Christmas Day Trading Act, shops larger than 280 sq m are prohibited from opening. But Boxing Day has no such regulations and trading is only limited should it fall on a Sunday.

It’s easy to be sympathetic to staff who may well be coerced to work a shift on Boxing Day but equally it’s a big retail day for shops. But really, would the High Street crumble if they couldn’t open until the 27th? It is somewhat bewildering that people should be keen to get back to shopping so soon after the pre-christmas frenzy.

There will be no vote after the debate and no change in the law any time soon (indeed the government has said it doesn’t want to interfere).

Of course, it would be no bad thing for ecommerce traders. If people are desperate to get shopping they can always head online. What do you reckon? Would you support a trading hiatus on Boxing Day?

  • Jones
    5 years ago

    I used to work in a well known card shop chain many moons ago.

    We were there til 7pm Christmas Eve prepping the shop for ‘Boxing Day Sales’ and back in at 8am Boxing Day.
    I had a miserable xmas that year, I was just so exhausted !

    I do feel for retail workers at Christmas.

    • 5 years ago

      I worked on Boxing Day years back when I was a student. It was bloody miserable.

      I think we can live without shops for a day.


  • Rob
    5 years ago

    Hi, Everybody deserves time off at Christmas. Shut all shops for me.

    5 years ago

    Ahhh poor souls my heart bleeds like saying the church should close because of christmas ,stop moaning and grasp the opportunity
    give a thought for the doctors nurses police and all the other poor sods who without them there would be no christmas

    • 5 years ago

      what a stupid comment to make.
      The people who enter those professions understand that the service that they provide for which we are all grateful is a 24 /7/365 job and they are needed by the community at any time.
      We do not however need to have food shops, clothes shops, toy shops or any corner shop open for that extra day in order to provide companies with a get rich even more day.
      There is nothing that cannot be bought in the weeks leading up to christmas that we could not wait for until 27th.
      When I first started work thirty years ago I remember shops weren’t open all day Saturday and didn’t open Sundays at all and guess what………….we all survived.
      Ban Boxing day opening is what I say

    • TINKER
      5 years ago

      we dont need to buy or sell anything to anyone at any time
      we should just grow crops and hunt animals

    • Russell
      5 years ago

      I have to disagree with you there.

      When you go for any retail job you are well aware of the hours / days you will be expected to work, much the same as doctors, nurses etc.

      Personally, I would not be hurrying to the shops on Boxing day and honestly could not care what the rest of the world gets up to.

      I will be doing my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve as usual though, if that is ok…

    • 5 years ago

      What do you do for a living then ?

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