Seller Dynamics partner with SKUCloud

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2016 - 1:23 pm

Seller Dynamics have joined forces with SKUCloud to help retailers generate more sales for free.

With an aim to drive orders for ambitious merchants, the partnership allows any UK based retailer using Seller Dynamics to seamlessly integrate with SKU Cloud; making their entire catalogue available through the sales channels of SKU Cloud’s Destination Partners. Free for retailers to use, current Destination Partners include The Mirror, Mighty Deals and

The way SKU Cloud works is extremely easy, simply upload your products onto the site to give Destination Partners access to your stock. This allows these companies to access a variety of products, at competitive prices – before pushing them out to their own existing audiences.

The site has partnered with a number of leading commercial channels, including their own money saving marketplace, Flubit. With 60% of Flubit users returning to order on the site after their first purchase, SKU Cloud helps merchants to break into these loyal and valuable communities.

Seller DynamicsAlex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics explained “The economic outlook for 2017 has also reiterated that cash will be tight for many in the year ahead, so SKU Cloud’s presence across other money saving sites is extremely well placed. These sites play right into the space where the price to the consumer really matters and because of their pricing structure, it is well worth retailers getting involved as well.

Instead of charging Seller Partners a fixed percentage fee per sale, SKU Cloud dynamically controls the price at which products are sold. Using 3 proprietary AI algorithms, they establish a competitive price for each product, keeping Seller Partners ahead of their competitors, without sacrificing any margin.

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