Seasonal changes to eBay estimated delivery dates

By Dan Wilson December 1, 2016 - 1:29 pm

eBay will be amending they estimated delivery dates that they display to shoppers on the View Item page. They have published some information here.

As they note: “Over Christmas, we will automatically adjust estimated delivery times based on the information we have from postage providers. So rest assured, if you receive an order after the cut-off date for the selected postage service, the estimated delivery time shown to buyers will reflect this.”

And in addition to changing the dates, eBay will be displaying a message to shoppers informing them to be cognisant of the possible service delays that occur at this time of year. You can see it below in the screenshot.


  • Craig
    1 year ago

    Good plan. The one thing that is difficult is the second of January in Scotland. No couriers work on this day but eBay will most likely not recognise that. Same with Amazon I would think.

    • 1 year ago

      The 2nd of Jan is a nationwide bank holiday in 2017, but I think you’re referring to the additional New Year bank holiday in Scotland?

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      They will not notice that, they never have. We have to make adjustments for that one every year.

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    Ebay should suspend this scourge altogether until after Xmas and the New Year.

    Sellers are not responsible for the fact that many carriers will employ seasonal temporary staff for both sorting and delivery, which will impact delivery efficiency.

    Never mind that fact that at the first snowflake to land on a pavement Royal Mail will suspend deliveries. They’ve even done if for wet grass in South Wales !!!

    Sunday is still being considered a “delivery” day by Ebay in many instances, which is also a nonsense.

    I’ve seen Tamebay complain about sellers with massively long delivery dates on items. Well, why should sellers be punished for the sins of carriers?

    The only way is to work the system, build in extra time for handling and then understate delivery, selecting a slower delivery method than the one actually used. This is to combat unrealistic customer expectations and Ebay’s poxy metrics.

    If Ebay would see sense and abandon its delivery metrics, this stupid situation would end and you’d go back to being incentivised to have real delivery times.

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      We changed our dispatch last week, from 1 day to 2. We lose our top rated status for a few weeks but it is more realistic. It is the same every year. We are starting to get hit with the silly defects. Everything goes 1st class within a day also.
      GAME for example have 3-4 days which is realistic and no silly hoops.
      Common sense should prevail but it never really does at eBay they are far too busy trying to compete with PRIME at others expense.
      The message has always been there hiding behind a ?, it is no good, people do not read that.
      Most the customers who I sent out to today will get orders on friday, but there is going to be backlogs. We have two posties doing the rounds here today and I have just had a drop of at 16.30 today, they are working flat out.
      They knew Black friday was happening last week they always seem to react a touch to late instead of being pro-active and knowing there will be late delivery and heading off issues before they start.

    • Mac
      1 year ago

      We switch over in December until Christmas sending everything 1st class. 90 percent plus gets there next day and the buyers are happy.

    • JonW
      1 year ago

      Me too. List as second class but post as first class during December. Cannot do tracked as only sell items under £10 and sell about 15000 per year on Ebay. amazon doing better though. Maintained top seller so far but it’s a struggle, due to this tracking issue. I just wish Ebay would not raise customers expectations so high.

  • Rob
    1 year ago

    Most of my listings, especially the lower value are 5 – 8 day estimates and higher value are 3 day estimates. Use an automated email to let customers know once they have placed an order it is likely to be shipped with in 2 days and then the courier should have it with them in 2 days. Some times this is even quicker as MyHermes have shipped things next day if in the same area.

    I work by the premise of under promise and over deliver. Which is often reflected in my feedback where they are happy to receive the items quickly. I probably lose a few sales estimating longer deliver times but rather deal with this, then the complaints of where is my item, it has not arrived yet.

  • Ken
    1 year ago

    Can we really trust eBay on this – I doubt it, looking at past performance. Not that long ago they forgot to update international dates until they had passed.

    I also wish they would allow us to set an order cut off time. My mail is collected at 3pm – but orders placed after this time still have the same shipping estimates up to 11.59pm… STUPID.

    • james
      1 year ago

      same-day despatch
      “You can change your dispatch time in your postage preferences. If you choose to offer same-day dispatch, your default order cut off is set to 2pm, but this can also be changed.”

  • james
    1 year ago

    if your estimate doesnt change until 11.59, you’ve probably not got it on same day despatch, so it doesnt matter what time your postman arrives at, you’ve said it’s not going anywhere until tomorrow at least.

    • Ken
      1 year ago

      The cut off you are referring to ONLY applies to “24 Hour or Special Delivery’s” not Normal or 1st Class posting!

      If someone orders a 1st class Order @11.58 with one day dispatch time it still says it has to be posted the next day, nit day after that.

    • james
      1 year ago

      it applies to any same-day despatch regardless of what stamp you like to use.

      so why are you moaning about the postman leaving at 3, if you dont post until tomorrow?
      if you dont do same day despatch, you dont need a cut off time, the cut off time is (funny enough) the next day.

      if someone orders tuesday, with next-day despatch, it gets despatched wednesday. this is correct.

      i may understand your point if your postie were coming at five past midnight, a 3pm collection does not require you to redefine when a day ends, 11.59 will do you fine. you dont then need to explain to your customers that tuesday ended at 3pm on monday.

    1 year ago

    So if the buyer decides to read the really small writing below and actually manages to hover their mouse over the question mark, they will then see it, not that it even mentions Christmas! My items are listed as 2nd class delivery with dispatch within 2 working days, yet ebay are estimating delivery by this Thursday!

    Thanks ebay, Merry Christmas!

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