More Post Office strikes may be on the way

By Dan Wilson December 5, 2016 - 1:35 pm

CWUIt looks like there will be more industrial action from members of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) in the last few days before Christmas.

Under plans, which have yet to be confirmed, counter staff would strike on December 19th, 20th and Christmas Eve and money handlers would take action on December 22th and 23th. The impact of the money handlers’ strike would be to affect branches because they wouldn’t have cash and could be forced to close.

The action, if it goes ahead, would involve 4000 staff and impact 300 Post Offices. The issues at stake regard job losses, branch closures, and the end of a final salary pension scheme. The CWU say that 6000 post office branches have closed since 2002.

From a sellers’ perspective, this is unlikely to be much of a problem. Not least because by the 19th you’ll likely have made most of your despatches and you can access Royal Mail services online if needs be, if you still visit a Post Office. So it’s good idea just to have a contingency plan in place in case your local Post Office is impacted.

  • Andy R
    8 months ago

    They might as well go on strike permanently.

    Every post office branch I’ve been in the last couple of weeks has had only one window open and a queue going out into the street.

    Presumably this is more cut-backs to save money – pointlessly!

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