Black Friday 2016 was Amazon UK’s biggest day ever

By Dan Wilson December 1, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Dugg Gurr AmazonAmazon has reported, and it’s hardly surprising, that Black Friday 2016 was Amazon UK’s biggest day ever with 5.5 million items sold over a 24-hour period. That’s something like 64 sales every second. Cyber Monday was also a big day for the online retail giant. Amazon marketplace sellers are also said to have done well out of the event.

Head of Amazon UK Doug Gurr said: “Our extended Black Friday Sale event provided record savings to customers as they enjoyed twice as many deals as the previous year. Amazon Marketplace sellers saw record sales during the event as over 1,000 small British businesses offered great deals.”

“On behalf of all of us at Amazon and the many small businesses on Amazon Marketplace, we would like to thank our customers for choosing to shop with us and for once again making Black Friday our busiest day of the year. Cyber Monday 2016 was one of the busiest days we have ever seen.”

“Christmas shopping is now well under way and there’s still time to take advantage of great savings on gifts. Cyber Deals Week is on now, offering thousands of deals, including electronics, fashion, beauty and entertainment from big name brands and marketplace businesses.”

  • SAM
    7 months ago

    By the skin of my teeth my Amazon stock went live on actual Black Friday, but we are not putting anymore in this season 2 weeks to get it live was far to long. It is not like we send 100s sku was like 10.
    We did not even do any deals, but held back stock all summer while the penny pinchers fought each other tooth and nail all year and sold out. We knew our product is good but was being dragged down in value with this method of selling. All sold out in 48 hours at decent margin.
    So we have sold a LOT less this year on Amazon but the margins are decent on the products. Hate just moving boxes for pennies.
    It is actually eBay where we have made the money this year. Am not sure what we are going to do with the FBA offering next year the last 3 months have been very good but the rest of the year pretty dreadful (if you actually want to make money), I think we will pull out first 6 months and maybe look again late summer. Maybe try merchant sales again first 6 months.

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