Amazon want you to upload data via a van

By Chris Dawson December 6, 2016 - 3:15 pm

Amazon are forever running into 1st world problems and their latest solution addresses a bug bear which affects many of us – the speed of the Internet.

When Amazon launched their Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform it made a lot of sense. Use a computer in the cloud as and when you needed computing power and only pay for what you use. However your Internet connection itself is slow and uploading your data to the cloud can take hours if not days.

Some companies have unimaginable amounts of data, that is until Amazon imagined it and they worked out that, rather than waiting for slow uploads, it would be quicker to post the company a hard drive, let them fill it with data and post it back. Amazon called this product a ‘Snowball‘. The Snowball could carry 50 terabytes back to Amazon ready to be plugged into AWS.

Amazon imagined companies with even more data however, so they’re just unveiled their AWS Snowmobile which it literally a container lorry full of hard drives which will roll up to your door. You plug a fibre connection from the truck to your network, upload your data and amazing as it may seem, rolling back to Amazon at 70mhp motorway speeds is quicker than trying to upload the same amount of data over the Internet.

  • Andy R
    8 months ago

    Why not put lights and the coca-cola santa on it as well?

  • Sam
    8 months ago

    “50 terabytes”

    I think you mean petabytes as if thats only 50 terabytes they are mighty large hard drives.

    Or they must be using 100gb drives or something haha.

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