Amazon launch male fashion brand for Prime shoppers

By Dan Wilson December 7, 2016 - 5:07 pm

Amazon has launched a men’s fashion brand that will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime subscribers. It’s called Buttoned Down. It has launched today with a selection of formal shirts but they expect to expand the offering to include trousers, informal shirts, jumpers and the like in due course. Needless to say all the garments come with a no quibble money back guarantee,

Warren Satchell, men’s fashion editor at Amazon Fashion, says: “At Amazon, we’re always looking to make high-quality apparel more accessible for our guys. Buttoned Down is a no-fuss, reliable option that guarantees effortless style and great value.”

Not only are the shirts very competitively priced, Amazon is also promoting quality and choice. They say the shirts are high quality and designed to last longer. They also say that they offer one of the widest ranges of sizes in the sector with big and tall sizes.

Primarily, this is another way of getting people involved with Prime and it’s expected that this range will attract college aged men and get them signed up to Prime. As it stands, it looks like this is only launching in the US.

It’s also another example of how Amazon isn’t afraid to compete with 3P sellers in the marketplace.

  • gary
    7 months ago

    Hmmmm so where is the consistency with

    ‘we’re always looking to make high-quality apparel ‘
    and ‘Buttoned Down is a no-fuss’.

    One says top quality and the other says they will deliver the top quality with no-frills low quality.

    Sad thing the buying nation are so dumb they’ll get sucked in.

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