Amazon Go trademark registered in the UK

By Chris Dawson December 13, 2016 - 6:16 pm

Amazon Go cashier free shopping may be coming to the UK following the news they have registered the Amazon Go trademark in the UK.

Amazon Go gives the ability to walk into a store picking up items you want to purchase and walk out to be automatically billed with no bar code scanning, no checkout and no hassle.

In some ways Amazon Go is better suited to the UK consumer than the US, as we have been trained by supermarkets to do their work for them. There are scanning solutions which trust the consumer to scan each bar code on their way around the store and self service checkouts where we’re expected to do the checkout assistant’s job for them.

In the US service is valued more and even today it’s not unusual to have a checkout assistant scan your shopping and a second employee to pack your bags for you. Having to scan, pay and pack your own bags just isn’t the type of service Americans appreciate. We Brits are used to lower standards of service and whilst Americans enjoy human interaction and conversation, in the UK often times we just want to grab our shopping and leave and that’s exactly what Amazon Go offers.

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