Amazon damaged goods at Czech Republic FC

By Dan Wilson December 8, 2016 - 7:34 am

Some Amazon sellers have received notice that their Amazon FBA stock they hold at an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the Czech Republic has been damaged. The cause of the damage at the Dobrovíz FC is unknown but last month a fire at the Rugeley FC in the UK caused disruption for many merchants.

The email to affected sellers is called ‘Important update on your PRG2 inventory’ and reads:

“Following an operational incident in our Fulfilment Center PRG2, some of your items may have been damaged. While we work to confirm the condition of all the items affected, some of them will be in reserved condition. Once they have been reviewed they will either become available to customers again or will be reimbursed as per the standard FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy.

We recognize you may be concerned about customers being able to purchase your items, especially at this time. We are actively working to ensure that your inventory is available for sale to customers as quickly as possible.”

It’s inevitable that an organisation such as Amazon will experience occasional damaged stock and it’s right they recompense sellers on stock damaged whilst in their care. And don’t forget, on day to day damage, Amazon don’t automatically alert you, you need to run a report and make a claim.

This article from Tamebay may be useful: How to claim from Amazon FBA for lost or damaged stock.

  • Dom
    7 months ago

    With Amazon Seller Support now seemingly non-existent these type of incidents are only going to make the backlog of support cases even longer.

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