5 day Post Office strike is on from 19th December

By Dan Wilson December 12, 2016 - 10:43 pm

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) have confirmed that members will be striking for five days in the run-up to Christmas, commencing on the 19th of December next week. The action follows CWU strikes in September and October.

The industrial action is over pensions, job losses and branch closures and the future of the Post Office. Dave Ward, CWU general secretary, says: “We didn’t want to be in this position but, unless we stand up now, the Post Office as we know it will cease to exist. We are defending the very future of the Post Office in this country.”

Kevin Gilliland, the Post Office’s network and sales director says: “We want to reassure customers that if further strike action takes place next week, at least 97% of our 11,600 branches will not be involved. It will be business as usual in almost all of our network, with over 50,000 Post Office people on hand to support customers as they make their preparations for Christmas.”

So what will this mean for marketplace sellers? It seems that it’s predominantly Crown branches that will be affected so, if you need a post office for despatches, find an non-Crown, franchised branch that’s nearby. The final 2nd class despatch day is the 20th December. For first class, it’s the 21st. It could be well worth getting Royal Mail services online too.

And don’t forget that other suppliers are available too. Check out this graphic for last post days.

And don’t forget that Royal Mail collection and delivery services won’t be impacted so there shouldn’t be disruption there.

What’s your plan B in the face of the strikes?

  • Cristina
    7 months ago

    The strike should be on genuine reason not to be unless. It just a waist of time if we do unless any strike there is no worth of that.

    7 months ago

    dozy buggers are just proving how much they can be done without

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