10% Coupon Code for Argos on eBay this weekend

By Chris Dawson December 9, 2016 - 9:18 am

Argos are holding a 10% off sale this weekend in conjunction with eBay. The coupon code CEBAYARGOS is valid from 8am this morning through to 2am on the 11th of December.

Obviously it’s an ideal time of year to go shopping and both eBay and Argos would see Amazon as a competitive threat so it makes sense for the two companies to partner in this way. I can’t see too many consumers complaining at the 10% discount either.

The 10% discount roughly equates to the fees eBay would have made on any sales (although we should point out we don’t know if the promotion is funded by eBay, by Argos or partly by both businesses).

To qualify you’ll need to be a UK registered eBay buyer and have a valid PayPal account to make payment. Also if you go shopping at Argos on eBay, remember that you have to manually enter the code CEBAYARGOS at checkout if you want to get the discount!

  • Sam O'levski
    9 months ago

    Forget it – either cannot post to my address or it’s click & collect only, even some children’s toys !
    These days a massive company like Argos should be able to deliver anywhere in the UK like Royal Mail can.
    I can understand smaller sellers having to use a courier which restricts some areas, but not a company as big as Argos, who can surely use their size to get a good deal covering all parts of the country, including ‘remote areas’ often with thousands of people living in them, not a tiny village on top of a mountain, or a single property on a tiny island nearer to the North Pole than London.

    • james
      9 months ago

      Argos (outside of ebay) have switched to a largely de-centralised distribution. ie, they deliver from your local store, so if your local store’s out of stock, or out of range, they cant deliver.
      its great for their same-day delivery offerings, but i’ve heard a lot of people complain about delivery being unavailable to them any day.
      didnt know ebay could facilitate this though, the perks of being one of the “big boys” doesnt stop at having your feebdack hidden and defects waived it would seem.

  • Anne
    9 months ago

    Negative feedback mainly about missing items or open boxes, seems to be a lot of B stock sold as new

  • SAM
    9 months ago

    It was not very good, poor actually and most A stock could be found at better prices than Argos B stock even with their discount.

    hey but it is one RULE for Argos and another for the rest.

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