Trump vs Clinton and Exchange Rates

By Chris Dawson November 8, 2016 - 3:53 pm

15 months of campaigning draws to an end later today as the most divisive Presidential election will finally see a winner crowned. Analysts are expecting as many as 130m people to vote for the candidates but also for Governors, Senators, Congressmen and women and on local referendum matters by the end of the night.

The US will end up either with the head of a rich family becoming president or they’ll get a president who generates almost as much press for their hair style as they do for their policies. Whatever happens it’s not doing much good for exchange rates which are already volatile enough and with the election results due to come in over the next 24 hours the US Dollar could go either way.

Due to the uncertainty around the US election, World First are extending their opening hours on Tuesday, the 8th November from 8am – 10pm and on Wednesday, the 9th November from 6am – 6pm. If you want to lock in an exchange rate and have some certainty over the amount you may need to pay for any upcoming invoices give them a call.

Alternatively, depending on which candidate you think will win the US election and which way that might send the US Dollar, you might get better exchange rates in a couple of days time. If that’s you then sit tight and cross your fingers that exchange rates move in your favour.

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