The 10 most popular toys for Christmas 2016

By Chris Dawson November 23, 2016 - 6:58 pm

Around this time of year there are always a ton of top 10 toys lists flying about. Often one can take them with a pinch of salt but there’s one list that no one can argue with. It’s not the list of the most purchased toys, it’s the top 10 list of toys that children themselves actually ask for.

Royal Mail deliver all of the letters children write to Santa and they carry all of Santa’s replies as well, so they’re in a unique position to know what presents are being asked for.

Traditional toys hold the top three spots for the second year in a row.The results show that the most popular toy is Lego, which has retained its top spot from last year and has also remained in the top three since 2013. Scooters have made a new entry as the second most popular Christmas wish in 2016. This is followed by bikes, which have dropped down into third position.

Royal Mail’s Chief Elf in charge of Santa’s mailbag, Alex McConnell said: “We are very honoured that Father Christmas has allowed us again to take a peek at what children are asking for this year. We get to see what they really want for Christmas. All the elves at Royal Mail enjoy reading the heart-warming letters from the children all over the UK because of the festive cheer these letters bring”.

So here it is, the definitive list of the top 10 most requested presents for 2016:

  1) Lego
  2) Scooter
  3) Bike
  4) Mobile phone
  5) Paw Patrol Air Patroller
  6) Nerf Gun
  7) Pie Face Showdown
  8) Star Wars Spin Action Lightsabre
  9) Barbie 3 Storey Townhouse
10) Furby Connect

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