Seller Dynamics add Seller Fulfilled Prime support

By Chris Dawson November 16, 2016 - 11:21 pm

Seller Dynamics have just released support for Amazon’s rapidly growing Seller Fulfilled Prime. Amazon have been driving Prime hard and have seen significant increases in it’s adoption.

Currently sellers joining the program have to be invited by Amazon, in short Amazon need to be sure that the sellers they invite can meet the obligations of same day despatch if the order is received prior to 1pm, in order to meet next day delivery.

We looked at the stats for prime adoption and saw adding support as essential” said Alex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics. “60 odd million users and growing fast, and all apparently spending more than twice the average Amazon spend. That’s quite a customer base if you can access it.”

Amazon Prime gives the subscriber a variety of benefits: next day delivery, kindle book borrowing, movie streaming, music streaming and even discounts on nappies. An annual or monthly subscription is payable.

Every time Amazon add a new benefit you can expect new interest from the consumer and a boost in membership. For retailers who are invited to join the program it’s an open goal” Alex added. “You can make your own mind up whether or not you think Jeremy Clarkson is a benefit or not: in case you have been on Mars, The Grand Tour launches on Amazon on 18th November… just saying.”

  • Bob Williams
    7 months ago

    Ha. It’s about the these people add something. Would be even better if they added something that the users of the system actually wanted.

    They are falling so far behind other companies, and at least 7 businesses I know about are all looking to move to another system after xmas.

    Sinking ship???

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