Reflections on #Tamebay@10 Part 9: The Future

By Dan Wilson November 10, 2016 - 2:04 pm

Party sponsorsWe’ve written a lot about the past and, as I bring this series nearly to a close, it’s vital that we look ahead too. What will the next decade hold? Tell us. We don’t know.

But looking back, one of the things I love about Tamebay is that we get so many emails every week saying “thanks”. It’s always gratifying to be thanked and you are often very generous.

We send out a stack of emails every week, every day, and people often say ‘thanks’. That’s not typical. Do you love our daily email? Plenty do. Hurrah.

And such encouragement is heartening and keeps us going. We also get specific emails for articles, and the like, asking for more details. Every time we publish the PayPal Merchant fee article someone will get in touch and say it saved them thousands of pounds. That’s a good feeling.

What’s next though? The biggest thing coming your way will be a complete website redesign. We’re very excited about this investment because it’s going to fully embrace mobile and also make the site more usable for all.

The redesign will also be better organised and attractive. It’s been 4 years since our last overhauls, so it is overdue. We look forward to your input and ideas.

And we’ll also be increasing our social activity. Do you follow us on LinkedIN, Facebook or Twitter?

What the next ten years has in store is moot. What do you reckon?

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