Reflections on #Tamebay@10 Part 7: How we decide what to write about

By Dan Wilson November 9, 2016 - 7:20 am

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Obviously this week sees Tamebay’s 10th Birthday and we’ve been writing about the past decade and our story. We thank you for reading. Here are some of our other posts. And thanks for your comments so far.

These days we publish something like 35 to 40 articles a week. That wasn’t always the case. When I joined up with Tamebay in 2011, we were writing 4 articles a day depending on what came in. In the past five years, we’ve pretty much doubled article output though.

The editorial week inevitably starts on a Sunday. Chris and I will have a chat. I’ll usually be having a drink at my local in Hove. And the funny thing about that chat is that we don’t have much of a clue what we’ll be writing during the week ahead.

We love a reader tip-off. An interesting story. Keep ’em coming. But as a general rule we don’t have any editorial rules. If it’s relevant to anyone who sells online (be it eBay, Amazon, other marketplaces or their own website) thence’ll run it.

Tamebay focusses on news, but we do other styles of posts too. We like a guest post or a How to too. And we do also like a comment article. But it must be relevant to you.

Chris and I would love to publish more stories from readers. You’re the experts and your detailed insights would also be of interest to other Tamebay readers. And we try our best to source them.

(And don’t forget that we are having a birthday party to mark the landmark. And do come and join in the celebrations.)

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