Reflections on #Tamebay@10 Part 6: Dan joining Tamebay

By Dan Wilson November 6, 2016 - 11:10 pm

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Tamebay’s 10th Birthday is this week and we’ve been writing about the journey we’ve had over the past decade. Here are some of our other posts. Thanks for your comments so far.

Sue’s death left a vacuum at Tamebay. And whilst it will always be impossible to replace her, in the days soon after I offered Chris my help for a few months to keep Tamebay on track.

Come the autumn time in 2011 Chris and I started discussing me coming on board as co-editor and thinking about how that would work. We knew we could work together but I had some conditions. Firstly, I’d need some money and Chris initially baulked at my monthly fee but he always made good on it.

But it was the other conditions that were more significant. Firstly, I wanted Chris to give up selling on eBay full-time and concentrate on Tamebay. I don’t recall much protest from Chris here because he was increasingly working more on Tamebay than his sales anyway. So over the following months he sold the last of his stock and departed eBay.

My other requirement was that we would update and redesign the Tamebay site because it was feeling a bit tired. But without Sue that would mean bringing in outside help and that would come with expense. In the end we launched the new site in May 2012.

One of the reasons why Chris and I work well together is that we’re quite different in our outlooks. One example was the Brexit vote: I was a firm remainer and Chris was more pro leave. He’s very much into detail whereas I prefer broader brushstrokes.

But there’s no doubt that being part of Tamebay is something I enjoy, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in the past 5 years together. Here’s to 10 more.

(And don’t forget that we are having a birthday party to mark the landmark. And do come and join in the celebrations.)

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