PayPal partial refund glitch

By Chris Dawson November 21, 2016 - 10:55 am

We’re hearing that some sellers may have problems performing partial PayPal refunds. Sellers who routinely refund excess postage are most likely to stumble across the error as they naturally will process more refunds.

The error doesn’t appear to affect all refunds, but if you run into a problem refund trying again several hours (or even days) later probably won’t fix the issue. We’re told that PayPal are aware of the problem and are resolving issues in batches.

You may well ask why people are refunding postage, but it’s still a common occurrence when buyers make multiple purchases and either don’t use the eBay shopping basket or are purchasing from abroad and the eBay shopping basket simply isn’t available.


  • Simon E
    1 year ago

    Just tried part refunding the 2 transactions again and one worked but the other didn’t.
    So I have now processed another refund on the payment that would allow it and that should keep the customer very happy.

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    Of course, fixing the basket problem for multiple purchases isn’t an option, is it?

    We make dozens of unnecessary fees each month, with Ebay keeping the fvf on the overpaid postage which is refunded.

    Another example of how Ebay is the “home” of the small business.

    • Russell
      1 year ago

      Surely if the postage is refunded through the Ebay system there will be a credit for the charge?

      I always refund through the Ebay system rather than direct through PayPal

    • Rich
      1 year ago

      How can you do a partial refund through eBay when no case is open. I have been looking for this functionality and can’t find it?


  • Steve P
    1 year ago

    Refund the whole transaction amount via eBay’s system to avoid the automatic “cancellation” defect if done via Paypal yes.

    If you know of a way to make a partial refund via eBay’s system please tell. and I still know of no way to claim back all those 20p/transaction Paypal charges.

    and I know it’s not the end of the world but it really winds me up that eBay make no effort to sort it. They really must be desperate….

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