PayPal launches new dedicated business app

By Dan Wilson November 30, 2016 - 11:37 am

PayPPerhaps not before time, PayPal has launched a new app specifically for businesses, honed to the needs of business users.

You can find out more and download the app here.

So what can it do that the standard PayPal app can’t? The landing page is short on exact details, so if you do download it let us know what you think. But they say you can manage all your payments from a single hub, monitor customer lists, stay on top of invoices, manage your shipping and other admin tasks.

PayPal’s VP of Merchant Product and Technology Arnold Goldberg says: “We spent a lot of time listening – a full two years – and that time was spent interviewing merchants to really understand the uses cases that our merchant partners wanted to see come alive in the app. What we launched is really the beginning of the journey to create an amazing app for our merchant base.”

“This is best suited for any firm that’s running a business or maybe even a few of them but probably doesn’t havededicated resources to keep track of it all. This is really for the merchant and business owner who is really on the go – and wants to see their business from a data perspective anywhere they go.”

  • Whirly
    1 year ago

    Not available in the UK.

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