Parcel2Go announce new prices for MyHermes and Collect+

By Dan Wilson November 24, 2016 - 12:33 am

New prices will see Parcel2Go provide a cheaper price for parcels inclusive of Parcel Protection starting at just £2.25 exc VAT. The price drops apply to Parcel2Go’s myHermes and Collect+ services, two of the most popular for UK deliveries.

They’ll continue to offer the UK’s lowest price on non-compensation deliveries (£2.19 exc VAT for 0-2 kg), they say.

The total yearly cost of the price cuts will be £300,000, apparently, a sum that Parcel2Go say they see as an investment into their customers.

Marketing Director Adam Harris: “Our customers are the cornerstone of our business. When we make a decision to strengthen their businesses by cutting their costs down, they in turn support us.

Though this kind of investment is costly to us at first, it quickly becomes a win-win for both parties. That cycle of support is ultimately how our economy can grow from strength to strength.”

  • Roger C
    7 months ago

    Are we now seeing a new strong competitor for the “3 to 5 day” category? Are Hermes starting to come of age?

    Certainly I have found now for many months no issues at all either with my local agent nor the system itself in sending items. True, I only use them for “3 to 5 day” but maybe that is where they are much the strongest in value.

    This news will give others a headache . . a simple use of the comparison web-site “my Parcel Delivery” shows how they have kicked Royal Mail Parcel force outside of financial sense. Ouch!

  • Barry H
    7 months ago

    I obviously miss the point of this offer. Surely for these small parcels its as easy to go straight to Hermes.
    If Mr Harris is concerned about his customers being the cornerstone of his business then Parcel2go need. along with all comparison broker websites, to get better deals for parcels over 1m and up to 15kg. The fluctuation of prices here can be between £15 and £125 for the same parcel in my experience. Help on this issue would be warmly received.

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