iLoveToReview cease operations after Amazon policy update

By Chris Dawson November 29, 2016 - 10:30 am

iLoveToReviewAfter generating 230,000 reviews for clients over the last 2 years in both the US and the UK, iLoveToReview has ceased all operations in the UK.

Reviews help countless Amazon customers make informed decisions about new and existing products in the marketplace but on November 22nd, released an update to their Reviewer Guidelines. The update eliminated the ability for sellers to provide free or discounted products in exchange for a review and so iLoveToReview has ceased all operations in the UK.

If you’re currently an iLoveToReview reviewer and have recently received products from iLoveToReview clients, you may review them if you wish, but there is no requirement for you to do so.

iLoveToReview have launched other services already in the US and will have those ready for the UK shortly. The new company’s services and website will have no mention of reviews anywhere.

  • Dom
    7 months ago

    Some of the reviews on Amazon are ridiculous, unboxing videos, long gushing over positive reviews and photos for bland generic products that are listed at under £10. It appears some people made a living out of this, getting products for free, writing some over positive nonsense then selling the product on eBay. Amazon needs to remove a lot of these reviews that are distorting the ratings.

  • Will
    7 months ago

    4/5 of incentivised reviewed are biased and don’t fetch less than 5 stars!, they highlight too many positives and turn a blind eye to the negatives

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