Hermes Innovation hub and self-tracking parcels

By Chris Dawson November 22, 2016 - 12:54 pm

Hermes have set up a dedicated Innovation Lab in the centre of Leeds to develop world-class delivery solutions. They’re talking about exciting developments such as self-tracking parcels, intelligent delivery using location-based services and new tracking experiences.

The Innovation Lab will be tasked to work on integration with the new artificial intelligence devices coming onto the market. Hermes want you to be able to ask Amazon Alexa where your parcel is and for Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri to know which day your delivery is due.

hermes-innovation-hubDavid Turner who will head-up a team of four employees in his new role as the company’s Head of Digital Strategy & Technology Innovation. He said: “We will think outside of the box to create the next jaw-dropping innovations across the delivery sector, from self-tracking parcels to 3D printing and autonomous delivery. We look forward to delivering a portfolio of advanced solutions that will benefit both our retail clients and the millions of online shoppers across the UK.”

The team will also create a dedicated Innovation Centre within Hermes’ £31m state-of-the-art automated parcel distribution hub being built in Rugby. This will be somewhere for Hermes and their partners to showcase their latest innovations to clients and experiment with prototypes.

  • Merlo
    12 months ago

    Hermes are already innovative- they can record as ‘posted through the letterbox’ any size of parcel at all and they can record as delivered securely upto 24 hours before they actually deliver the parcel. If this Innovation Lab needs any tips just ask the delivery staff.

  • RJO
    12 months ago

    Use MyHermes for pretty much all my small parcels or low value items and have to say they are great for me, send around 80 – 100 parcels a month with them. Which I know is not a huge volume compared to some on here but can’t remember the last time one got lost or damaged by them.
    They are very convenient as able to drop them off in a local shop and in and out with in a couple of minutes compared to waiting in line in a post office where barcodes never seem to work and they give you an receipt for each parcel.

  • 12 months ago

    Its a shame they don’t speak with delivery drivers (my husband is one!). Before trying to take delivery to the next level, sort your computer system and new HHT’s out. To deliver to customer why do you need to go to 2 pages to get a signature and why oh why put the clear button at bottom of signature page where people lean to write……bonkers! conplete bonkers!!

    As a user of Hermes – I can say only one lost parcel in 2000 completed deliveries and never a complaint from customers. Thank you Couriers

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