Happy Diwali. PaisaPay is raising fees on eBay India.

By Dan Wilson November 2, 2016 - 7:32 am

We were amused by this announcement from eBay India. It begins: “We hope you had a fabulous Diwali and a happy selling experience with us. We at eBay, believe in your growth and support for your business.”

The rest of the announcement goes on to explain how the eBay India payments system PaisaPay is putting up fees. Happy Diwali indeed.

Previously all the fees were 4.5% and now they can be as much as 8%. Here is the new charter from the announcement.


It’s the tone of the announcement that irks us most of all. Be factual. Be polite. But don’t dress up a fee rise as happy news on an important religious festival. But then, maybe, something has been lost in translation.

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