Free Amazon Buy Box Analysis for 1000 EANs (1st 20 sellers to sign up)

By Chris Dawson November 2, 2016 - 5:56 pm

In the Amazon world there is always a lot of chatter about how to win the Buy Box. Now the guys at Seller Dynamics have taken the unusual step of rather than just talking about how to win it, actually offering free Buy Box analysis.

Alex Ogilvie at Seller Dynamics said “We’ve written so much stuff about Amazon best practice and the importance of the Buy Box it was getting embarrassing. But today we thought why don’t we just show folks if they are likely to win it in the first place. We think that’s the quickest way to explain things – everybody likes a show and tell!

The marketplace management team are offering the first 20 retailers who fill in a form the option to have 1000 EANs or UPCs analysed, the team will then return a report showing how those items will fair on Amazon. If the item is on Amazon the report will show the Buy Box price and the number of competitors for the item in question. They are promising no catches, so if you fancy getting a free report on how you could do on (or any one of the other 10 Amazons) it seems ideal.

You can find the offer on their Amazon Buy Box page.

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