Flubit unveils retail technology platform

By Chris Dawson November 1, 2016 - 5:49 pm

sku-cloud-featFlubit have today launched their retail technology platform,; a single brand to cover both seller and destination sides of the business.

Put simply, Flubit have retail partners – sellers who have inventory which they sell on their own website, and marketplaces and they have destination partners – websites with load of visitors that could be exposed to products. SKUcloud brings the two together with a white label online shopping solution which gives the destination partner’s audience access to millions of retail products from seller partners.

Unveiled today, offers merchants access to over 10,000,000 shoppers per day, across channels they’ll never have thought of. Sellers currently integrated into Flubit’s ‘WeFlubit’ brand will see no change in their integration or operations, other than a new brand and more sales.

For Destination (any website or app with users they want to monetise or learn about) gives access to over 54 million products, including 50,000 bestselling items by integrating a white-labelled, fully managed ecommerce proposition into their existing website.

Powered by the team behind, SKU Cloud boasts twelve billion automated price and stock updates per year and over 88,000 brands listed on the site. Five years’ worth of industry data also provides SKU Cloud insight into the retail market, enabling the site to offer bespoke, actionable data to help retailers make informed decisions to place the right products in front of the right audiences, at just the right price and regardless of where they’re shopping from.

Based in London, Andy Stephen, Head of Partnerships of SKU Cloud said; “As a company, we pride ourselves on connecting Sellers with Destinations in a truly integrated approach to ecommerce. We now allow sellers to automatically reach millions of users through channels, destinations and partners they would never think of reaching, and completely revolutionise the way websites or apps can sell products”.

SKU Cloud also enables you to offer GEO-Location Delivery on almost any order and can help you deliver products to customers near-by within one hour, or through a timed delivery slot.

Previously if you’d wanted to monetise your website audience you’d probably have used affiliate marketing models to derive a revenue from product recommendations. SKU Cloud offers an entirely new model keeping users on your site with an inbuilt ecommmerce experience.

If you would like to become an SKU Cloud retailer you can find out more on their website.

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