eBay: The ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop

By Chris Dawson November 27, 2016 - 12:46 pm

In their latest TV advert eBay are promoting themselves as the ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop. Featuring a father and son both waking up, shaving and dressing with similar but different tastes even down to the devices they listen to music on, the ad hits home that 80% of products sold on eBay are brand new.

  • Andy R
    12 months ago

    80% of the products sold on Ebay are brand new because they have killed off most of the collectables and interesting categories.

    Constant little shifts since Wenig took over, each one edging non-product-indentifier categories out.

    Trashing turbo lister, removing shop links from searches, focussing on product identifiers

    Ebay is still trying to ape Amazon and one day it will get there – about the same time as that room full of chimpanzees at typewriters comes up with the complete works of Shakespeare.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      You can always generate your own EAN numbers for your items. Ultimately , product identifiers were the way to go. more and more people are using them to find the item they are looking for and it also helps with google search which will direct straight to your ebay shop.

      I don’t see why it should effect “unique” products or collectables? simply generate your own EAN. It doesn’t make your product less desirable or less collectable – particularly when everyone is in the same boat in your category.

      On the subject of links – some links are bad for mobile optimisation so i am right behind ebay with that one – more than 50% of purchases now done on mobile devices (might be as high as 56%).

      ebay have to move with the times and move with what else is happening online.

  • John
    12 months ago

    Same products on Ebay and Amazon.98% of sales AMZ 2% Ebay the last two weeks.Higher prices on AMZ.None are FBA.
    Iv had a few auctions that get 60 views when two years ago it would of been 400.Ebay really need to boot off the Chinese sellers clogging up search and with terrible delivery times hidden from buyers etc.Probably too late though,the decent buyers have all left.I would love Ebay and AMZ to be 50/50,but that boat has sailed.

  • Rebecca
    12 months ago

    The stool the bloke is sat on where can I get one from and how much

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