eBay Australia roll out Site Changes just before Black Friday Peak

By Chris Dawson November 22, 2016 - 9:08 pm

Do they not have Christmas in Australia? eBay Australia have now announced three site changes taking place in November right in the middle of the peak season. One of these changes affects multi variation listings which could cause listings to fail just as sellers adjust their pricing for Black Friday.

Just about every retailer in the world has a moratorium on change in Q4 because disruption doesn’t aid sales at the busiest time of the year. Plus even without change, there’s always the risk something could go wrong, so it’s a surprise to see eBay Australia roll out three changes in quick succession in November.

Change 1 | 14 November

Promoted Listings Bulk Upload and Editing is now available

This is a good change for sellers, you no longer have to upload items into your Promoted Listings campaigns individually. The update now allows you to upload up to 25,000 listings per campaign with a single csv file.

Promoted Listings is a paid advertising tool that enables you to attract more buyers to your eBay listing and you only pay if a click results in a sale.

Making it easier to manage campaigns makes sense, but we still think changes in Q4 should be kept to a minimum.

Change 2 | 14 November

Update to Listing Validation for Listing Variations

Variations in there categories ( Clothing, Shoes, Accessories; Computers/Tablets & Networking; Phones & Accessories) will be restricted to a 4X price range where the most expensive variation cannot be 4X greater in price to the cheapest variation.

Any new listings in effected categories which do not comply to the 4X price range cannot be listed. Any Good til Cancelled (GTC) listings in effected categories which do not comply to the 4X price range will not relist automatically. Sellers will have to remove the offending variant before relisting.

The possibility of listings not renewing at this time of year isn’t a good position to be in.

Change 3 | 22 November

Update to eBay’s Master Vehicle List

eBay will publish a new Master Vehicle List in November which will contain all the former vehicles and an additional 738 vehicles composed of 141 models from 33 vehicle manufacturers.

Adding new vehicles is good, but some former vehicles will have amendments to descriptions and that might cause problems.

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