eBay & Argos celebrate 10,000,000th Click & Collect parcel

By Chris Dawson November 15, 2016 - 10:50 am

The 10 millionth eBay parcel has been delivered through the Argos Click & Collect network.

Following the recent acquisition of Argos there are now 200 new digital collection points at Sainsbury’s locations across the UK giving 1,000 collection points across the UK, where eBay shoppers can collect at Argos and Sainsbury’s locations. This means that over 95% of the British population are now only 10 miles away from an eBay collection point.

As consumer shopping begins to ramp up for Christmas, there will be around 70 million items available to buy and pick up through Click and Collect on eBay UK. Since its inception as a pilot in late 2013 the partnership has grown to become an increasingly popular delivery option for shoppers.

Click & Collect was introduced to eBay UK by outgoing eBay VP Tanya Lawler and the programme has enabled over 200,000 businesses trading on eBay to offer a physical collection point even if they have no high street presence themselves.

The eBay/Argos partnership could have been in trouble when Argos was sold, but with the expansion into Sainsbury’s stores it looks like Tanya’s legacy is safe and Argos’ new owners value the partnership… and why wouldn’t they?. Bringing 10 million eBay shoppers into Argos and Sainsbury’s stores can’t do them any harm at all.

If you’re not already offering Click & Collect on your eBay sales it’s time to reconsider why not. Updated eBay terms relaxed the Click & Collect delivery requirements earlier this year so you don’t even have to ship on a priority service. Shoppers love the service and with Christmas coming more than ever are likely to be considering convenient delivery options.

You personally might not want to trek to a shop to collect your parcels, but 10,000,000 eBay buyers are happy to do so and already have.

  • Robert C
    3 years ago

    Only had a handful (less than a dozen) of Argos Click and Collect but so far I have had 3 that have been returned to me when the customer hasn’t collected.

    Not sure if I will continue with it.

  • Jon
    3 years ago

    Have loads of Collect @ Argos, not had any issues, and only had one or two returned.

  • Alan Paterson
    3 years ago

    I have had a few problems with click and collect. Few months ago had a parcel “stolen” from an Argos store. Ebay refunded the buyer but also refunded me as i was not at fault. I frequently have items returned from Argos because the customer has not collected although some customers claim it was because Argos did not contact them to make them aware the item was available for collection. My most concerning incident is the Argos PUDO return – this is when Argos return the package when the buyer failed to collect – check the tracking number of the Royal Mail track and trace web site – we have had parcels that show the item successfully returned but when we check the tracking info the item has been delivered to a completely different part of the country – so we have not received it back even though the system shows we have. If this happens to you give ebay a call – i have found them very helpful. I suspect it is an error on Argos part but they seem to be able to upload any tracking number for any part of the country and it will show as successfully returned on your ebay . I have found one of the great things about ebay (especially recently) is that they are always happy to sort problems that are brought to their attention.

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