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By Chris Dawson November 20, 2016 - 9:32 am

bf-reportWhile sales events are nothing new for high-street retailers, they are becoming increasingly popular for both marketplace shoppers and sellers. Xsellco analyzed a data sample of over 1000 Amazon sellers to bring you key Black Friday insights including:

  • Optimum pricing during sales events on Amazon
  • Key times to maximize sales
  • Optimal fulfillment methods for each event
  • Hourly sales volume trends on Amazon US, UK and Germany
  • Best-selling tech brands, by order value and order volume

As Black Friday is historically a US event, it has evolved differently in Europe. The sales trends for the UK are markedly different to the US, indicating that sellers shouldn’t apply the same sales strategy to every Amazon marketplace. German buyers don’t jump on the Black Friday weekend bandwagon until Sunday so again a different strategy is indicated.

Other Key takeaways include:

  • FBA takes over for holiday season
  • UK buyers are mad for Black Friday, while US favour Cyber Monday for Amazon shopping
  • Average item value increases over Black Friday as shoppers go for pricier goods on discounts

You can download the full Xsellco report from the Xsellco website.

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