Digital Success and Failure in B2B, webinar: 7/12/16

By Dan Wilson November 30, 2016 - 11:20 am

If you want to do more business to business (B2B) trade in 2017, then this webinar might be just the catalyst you need. It’s called Digital Success and Failure in B2B and is being held on December 7th. It’s a good line up with Patrick Munden of Salmon, David Geisinger from Magento and Rackspace’s Mike Bainbridge.

To find out more and bag a place, check out the event page here.

As they say of the event: “In a market set to become twice the size of B2C by 2020 and facing the forces of digitisation, globalisation and deregulation, doing B2B better is now a commercial imperative. Having a robust digital strategy and platform has become a basic necessity to enhance customer experience, value and sales within B2B.”

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