750 Free ListSmart credits for eBay Optimisation

By Chris Dawson November 6, 2016 - 1:50 pm

ListSmart is out of beta and now live. ListSmart’s developer AltViz worked closely with eBay over the past two years to develop their machine learning based recommender system designed for professional sellers.

The listing optimisation app allows sellers to input their eBay ID and recommends actionable and category-specific changes to make to their current live listings. These changes help to push listings higher up the search rank and increase the number of people clicking through to view the products.

Importantly ListSmart prioritises opportunities to maximise visibility, conversion and revenue. We all want our eBay listings to be perfect, but it’s best to focus on the areas which will have the biggest for the least amount of effort first. ListSmart learns from the changes you make so future recommendations become even more targeted.

Dieter Newell, Senior Director UK Seller Growth at eBay said “eBay believe in building and supporting a strong partner eco-system and we are delighted to see ListSmart is now available to the entire eBay professional seller community in the UK following 2 years of development” .

ListSmart is free-of-charge but allows sellers to upgrade and unlock more features and listing recommendations each month. The app will initially be available to professional sellers in the UK with plans for expansion to Germany and the rest of Europe in 2017.

Special Offer

For anybody who signs up in November ListSmart are giving away 750 free credits.

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