10% of shoppers will stay up late to bag a Black Friday bargain

By Dan Wilson November 17, 2016 - 11:37 pm

The Black Friday promotional frenzy has started and this survey from Royal Mail shows just how the Christmas rush barminess of the US is escalating in the UK.

They say that one in ten shoppers plan to burn the midnight oil to bag a Black Friday bargain this year. 10% of Black Friday bargain hunters will stay up late to get the best deals between midnight and 3am on 25 November. And keep an eye on your employees: 40% confess they are hoping to make their purchases at work, between 7am and 3pm on the day.

Price sensitive shoppers are looking to do the majority of their Christmas shopping at a time when they are able to get the best deals. The poll found that just over three in five see the sales event as a chance to do most of their annual Christmas shopping.

Last year, UK consumers spent £1.1bn on Black Friday. This year, shoppers are expected to turn-out in their droves with only 14 per cent planning to resist the lure of a bargain.

I wonder how you feel about Black Friday? I’m rather of the opinion that it’s a burden for retailers, and we need to scale it down for a longer promo period.

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