Will Amazon launch its own ISP in the UK?

By Dan Wilson October 19, 2016 - 1:44 am

There are tentative rumours that Amazon is looking at launching its own ISP (internet service provider) in Europe. It’s early days speculation but it seems like the sort of thing Amazon would do to further augments its reach. Amazon, as we must acknowledge, increasingly a media company, after all.

As Business Insider UK says: “That means Amazon would be able to start offering a broadband-video streaming package (through Prime Video), putting it in direct competition with other cable providers who offer similar services.”

It makes a lot of sense. Amazon is increasingly a service that’s interested in media provision (look at their telly and music offerings) and they are also very much in the business of tying people into their other provisions like Amazon Prime. Being part of that as a media pipes provider, like Sky or Virgin, is an obvious extension of the Amazon hegemony.

  • Mark
    5 months ago

    Increasingly people get their ISP, landline and TV together – are Amazon moving in to BT etc territory?

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