Sellers report Product Reviews on Amazon go AWOL

By Chris Dawson October 23, 2016 - 12:36 pm

ReviewsAmazon merchants are reporting that reviews on their products are disappearing. For some this is having a devastating impact on sales as hundreds of reviews left over a number of years have vanished into the ether.

Some sellers are surmising that Amazon may be in the process of removing reviews left in exchange for free products – are as we previously reported clamping down on incentivised reviews. However it appears more likely as one Amazon merchant reports that this is nothing more than a site glitch which once fixed will see all reviews restored.

What this incident has demonstrated is the power of Amazon reviews. Sellers have seen an instant decrease in sales when reviews vanish so if your not encouraging your buyers to leave reviews on Amazon then you’re missing a trick, especially for products which are exclusive to you. There are many factors which can help you win the Amazon Buy Box, from using Fulfilment by Amazon to the depth of inventory in stock and your seller metrics and feedback. Product reviews might be just one aspect contributing to winning the Amazon Buy Box, but from the number of complaints over missing reviews it definitely has a noticeable impact.

Tools such as High Five from Xsellco can automatically request reviews from your customers on your behalf.

  • james
    1 year ago

    we’re noticing a distinct uptick in beggers this week,
    “can i have this free for a good review?”
    no. back to waving a cup at passers-by on the subway with you.

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