Report irrelevant items on eBay product pages

By Chris Dawson October 25, 2016 - 9:43 pm

If you see an item that doesn’t belong on an eBay product page you can now report it with the click of a mouse button.

product-pages-reportingeBay aren’t using the emotive “report” word, preferring to say the gentler “flag” the item to be reviewed and possibly removed. The procedure is to look for the flag symbol next to any item on an eBay product page. If you believe the item doesn’t belong on the page, select the flag symbol and “ Submit”. eBay will review and remove it, if necessary.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be killing off a competitor’s listing, the item will still be available for purchase on eBay, but will no longer be associated with the particular product.

eBay say “By letting us know about irrelevant items on our product pages, you’ll help buyers see the most relevant listings”.

eBay will be using details such as GTINs to determine when two products are identical, but mistakes happen and some sellers are less than assiduous in using the correct GTINs so we say that if you’ve carefully built up sales for a particular product and a competitor with a different product is appearing on the same page it makes sense to get rid of it.

This does raise another interesting question – if eBay have product pages then for popular products (such as Smartphones) why don’t they standardise listings as Amazon do. Every seller could list against the same description with just the item condition and (for used/refurb products) accessories and original box / manual details to be unique to the listing.

  • Jon
    8 months ago

    Another total waste of time if it’s anything like the usual response to the current report seller link. Why not employ some decent programmers to fix the flippin’ shopping cart instead….so we can get some overseas sales!

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