Most of my blocked bidders have been kicked off eBay

By Chris Dawson October 10, 2016 - 11:25 am

It’s many years since I bothered to look at my Blocked Bidder list on my old selling account and it’s somewhat encouraging to discover that most of the bidders I blocked have been chucked off eBay.

I’ve not sold professionally on eBay for five years now so there was no need to revisit my Blocked Bidder list, but I do know the only reason you’d get onto my blocked bidder list is if you were a non-paying bidder. If you were a customer of mine who won an auction and didn’t pay (or if you claimed non-delivery or put in a chargeback) then you were on the list.

Looking at the list today, more than 50% of the buyers with whom I had a bad experience are gone from eBay. Even their eBay User Ids have been expunged from the site and replaced with an @deleted ID with all previous history gone.


It’s vaguely reassuring to see that eBay eventually agreed with me that the people on my Blocked Bidder list were dead beat bidders. Have you checked your own Blocked Bidder list recently to see how many of your less desirable customers are no longer trading on eBay?

  • Andy R
    10 months ago

    I’ve got a similar list of deleted names at the end of my blocked list.

    But there’s nothing to say whether they’ve been kicked off, simply closed their own accounts, or just dropped dead.

    So I’m not ready to give any credit to Ebay on that score unless it becomes clear that Ebay has acted.

    Besides, Ebay has actively prevented sellers from seeing any history on Ebay to help in knowing whether a buyer is a serial scammer/item-not-received filer etc etc.

    PS – why would you put a buyer on the blocked list for a single isolated not received case ?????

    • james
      10 months ago

      yeah i dont believe for a second they were evicted, they now all have 4 guest accounts each, tied to disposable email addresses, and are more prolific than ever.

      remember, ebay still profit when you get ripped off, they’ve no interest in preventing it. they encourage it.

    • Duncan Hill
      10 months ago

      “why would you put a buyer on the blocked list for a single isolated not received case ?????”

      Anyone with half a brain does this. More often than not, those claiming “item not received” are scamming. Simply they have received the item, but claim they didn’t. I’d guess 80% of INR are scams.

      The only reason I wouldn’t put them on the block list is if they’d bought from me before without issue. But otherwise it’s instant block time.

  • Tom
    10 months ago

    It is a waste of time. With no address validation there is simply no way that Ebay are keeping tracking of addresses = you are free to sign up again and again.

    Address validation should be added next.

    Then you can start to link duplicate accounts. If an address gets banned then ban all of them at that address.

    If a new user signs up at that address, ask them for a copy of their photo ID or flag any sales as suspicious to the seller. Anything to help us out!

  • Peter King
    10 months ago

    eBay started deleting unused old accounts years ago, that’s a far more likely explanation.

  • Lotus nut
    10 months ago

    I have loads of these @deleted in my bbl list, however when you add another user to bbl and update it you often get a notification saying “xxxx is no longer a registered user” or similar notification and the id is gone so dont quite buy the reason given.
    Would have been best to leave the user id and have *deleted* next to it so you would know – but this is ebay……!

    Have any of the negs or FB comments been removed??

  • Jon
    10 months ago

    I noticed that some of my blocked list are “no longer a registered user” but don’t have deleted next to them. I looked up 8 random ID’s and found 2 are not registered. I think 213918025@deleted means they have been dormant for long period of time. Nothing to to with being kicked off eBay.

  • Paul Moran
    10 months ago

    I only blocked a user last week, and when I looked at my blocked users list yesterday it displayed his username as xxxx@deleted.

    “Oh good” I thought “He’s been kicked off eBay”. So to double check I found his order in my order history and clicked on his username expecting to see ‘no longer a registered user’. However it revealed that his account is still active and he was making purchases which he was receiving/giving feedback for up until yesterday.

    So I don’t know why his username was on my blocked list as xxxx@deleted but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a user account is no longer active

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