Make your nomination for the Readers’ Choice for Tamebay’s 10th birthday #tamebay@10

By Dan Wilson October 19, 2016 - 1:28 am

It’s always a good thing to say thank you, celebrate success and make sure that achievements are recognised.

That’s why, at Tamebay’s 10th birthday party on the 10th of November, we’re looking to award a special prize that recognises a tool, service, marketplace, personality or indeed anything that you couldn’t live without. It’s called the Tamebay Readers’ Award and we need your input. Who needs a pat on the back?

What couldn’t you live without? What greases the wheels of ecommerce? What makes your business tick? That’s the sort of thing we want to celebrate.

You can nominate your heroes here.

We’re having a party!
You’re invited to the party and we’d love to see you there. Find out more.

Tamebay is nothing without you. Chris and I are so proud of you, the fantastic community of readers who join in, send us stories, have a moan and make Tamebay what it is. Come raise a glass and look ahead to the good days in the next ten years.

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