eBay UK launches new Seller Centre

By Dan Wilson October 6, 2016 - 11:18 pm


eBay has ‘soft’ launched a new Seller Centre with How To advice on becoming what they term as a “better seller”. It will be publicised in the weeks to come and there’s also a Community Chat on the 20th October.

You can find the Seller Centre here.

I’ve only spent a short time looking at the content and help that the new Seller Centre offers and this is a definite leap forward. There are 300 or so articles, content aimed at both private and business sellers and it comes with the promise that it will be updated and developed over time.

One piece of feedback the team say they’ve acted on is that sellers have in the past been frustrated by old inaccurate information presented in previous incarnations of the Seller Centre.

All of the content relevant to sellers will be gathered in the Seller Centre ongoing, including webinars. The content has been honed for mobile, is freely available and SEO friendly.

This feels like a a positive step from eBay and it does seem that the team behind this are keen to hear your feedback (I know you won’t hold back). On a less optimistic note, or it’s perhaps a word of caution, from what I’ve learnt from Tamebay, is that resources like this need constant nurturing to ensure they remain useful.

    10 months ago

    ebays announcement board just about sums up the useful and usable info you get from these

    **Scheduled Maintenance for this week***

    blah blah blah

    The eBay Team

  • Sam O'levski
    10 months ago

    So the team are keen to hear feedback are they – probably means nobody with any clout will actually read or hear it then, based on past experience !
    Alan uk seems like a nice person, but admits he cannot do much more than just police the forums, where of course anyone who gets a bit carried away with eBay’s treatment of them is often banned for speaking too out of turn.
    I had a live chat with a cs person, and gave them details of a seller blatantly advertising a rival auction site on over half their listings – was told this is certainly in breach of our rules…… but I cannot do anything because the seller is in Italy, and not the uk network !
    Sadly, ebay say one thing and then seem to carry on in their own way, with no regard to feedback from real sellers.
    It would be nice if even just once, a community chat had someone from the top level of ebay management available to answer questions, rather than yes-men who give you the standard scripted replies from some ebay manual, or tell you they’ll pass it on to the correct department.

    • Alan Paterson
      9 months ago

      What about the new ebay concierge? they are certainly interested in hearing what we have to say. I have had very positive experiences since it was launched.

    10 months ago

    patronising and basic
    is the best we can say about it
    anyone who needs such a guide is in big trouble

    • Gaz
      10 months ago

      What a load of nothing.
      How is that going to help sellers who follow the rules but get shafted because ebay dont police their own site. These are the sellers who constantly complain because they are already selling properly.
      Absolute clueless soundbiting by a company so dislocated from its sellers it beggars belief.

  • Lotus nut
    10 months ago

    When i click on “block bidders” from my ebay it takes me to the seller center and not block bidder page! – another glitch.
    Why dont they spend more time and $$ fixing things instead of rolling out more crap.

  • Jonah
    10 months ago

    eBay is the new FUBAR word in our local pub now. If something laughable or downright silly happens, or you shoot yourself in the foot, it’s”eBay-ed”. If someone is patronising and doesn’t know one end of the kettle from another, they are “an eBay-er”.
    Says a lot really.

  • Anna
    10 months ago

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