eBay reports Q316 results today: what to expect?

By Dan Wilson October 19, 2016 - 1:11 am

eBay Inc. will be reporting the third quarter results today after the markets close in the USA. What should we expect?

eBay’s stock price has appreciated by 20% in the past 3 months and that’s very respectable. And these results represent the first reports a full year after the split from PayPal.

Analysts are looking for something like revenues of $2.19bn from the quarter. But they are also interested in business developments, in particular with search and how that impacts SEO and search. So-called ‘structured data’.

In terms of the business reports there: “We would look for commentary on whether structured data momentum continued into 3Q though would note that structured data remains a multiyear process,” Raymond James analysts wrote.

Of course, on a day-to-day basis, these results don’t much matter to eBay sellers in the Uk but its is well worth keeping an eye on the corporation that many of you rely on for your livelihoods and understand the direction of travel.

Do you think eBay had a good 3rd quarter when you look at your own business results?

  • Andy R
    9 months ago

    No doubt they’ll make a tidy profit – every error on Ebay somehow seems to make them money.

    We don’t see the complete meltdowns any more, but there are constant low-level problems. These don’t bring the site down, but cause problems for both buyers and sellers.

    As they keep making money without fixing the site properly, presumably they’ve decided there is no need to fix it.

    So the future is more of the same.

  • Andy R
    9 months ago

    A typical Q3 2016 day for an Ebay seller.

    Log in to Ebay. Log in not working properly, so log in via instead.

    Check messages – reply to messages – oops! Seems to be a system error, will try again later.

    How much did we sell yesterday? Check the totals at the top of the seller page – still not updated since yesterday, so don’t know.

    Oh, we have sold something! But they’ve paid separately as they couldn’t add to the basket. Make postage refund, luckily paypal is working. But Ebay and paypal keep the transaction/final value fees from the refund.

    Hmm. I see 600 listings failed to relist overnight due to an internal error to the application. Will have to deal with that later when the system is working better.

    Despite sluggish sales, I’m surprised at how high my ebay fees are when I check my account!

    I also see a warning that my status as a top rated seller is under threat! What’s that about? A single buyer bought 10 items, but has told ebay they arrived late. So “my” performance is no longer top rated.

    Try to contact Ebay customer service – am faced with a load of options, none of which match my problem. Go back round the options again and again. Decide to go for “my account has been hacked” which immediately produces a telephone number.

    Sit on hold for 20 minutes drinking black coffee and fuming. That irritating automated voice comes in every minute or so, telling me how important my call is to them…then the line goes dead.

    Take the dog out for a walk and wonder why I ever bothered with Ebay.

    But hey, maybe things will be better in Q4 2016.

    • Jon
      9 months ago

      I’ll second that Andy R. It infuriates me that eBay punch the air & shout about their profits when sellers are being shafted from every angle. There are countless problems that have been left to rot for months & months & in the case of the one wheeled wonky shopping cart, YEARS! They don’t acknowledge any errors on their announcements board and 90% of their agents are totally clueless about eBay policies & continue to give out incorrect information. Forcing immediate payment apon us has killed multiple purchases dead in the water. We used to have a tick box for sellers who wanted immediate payment but now that’s been taken away so we have no choice. It’s all very spurious…the only reason I can think they would do this is to make more 10% fees on our postage costs. They are so incredibly shameless and incompetent it’s sickening that we have to rely on such meddling sycophants to earn a living.

    • Andy R
      9 months ago

      Glad to see another kindred spirit!

      As for the “direction of travel” mentioned by Dan in the intro, for many Ebay sellers the direction of travel is out the door. And what about the Turbo :Lister fiasco? No mention of that in Ebay Q3 2016 is there???

    • james
      9 months ago

      spot on Andy.
      it’s not one big thing you can point at and say “that’s the problem!”
      it’s that EVERYTHING on ebay is a problem.
      all day every day nothing but trouble, it’s a fight to make a penny and a battle to keep hold of it.

  • 9 months ago

    All the usual gripes aside (I’ve been really disappointed with Concierge, I’m requesting to go back to Filipino bingo support) we’ve had a fantastic 1/4, as good as I can remember on eBay in a very long time.

    Good work Richmond, you loons.

  • Steve
    9 months ago

    Well the next results wont have any profit from me I have taken a regular job now well away from eBay its like a weight off my shoulders

    Thanks eBay it was good until you screwed it up and made selling no longer worth the effort

    • VESPA1
      9 months ago

      Well as sad as it is it is refreshing to see others feel the sane way as me regarding flea bay..
      Our sales are at rock bottom due to this ridiculous seller dashboard .
      We are no longer a top seller and sales are at an all time low , when I query this I am told that it is down to our seller rating, many of the things that influence this are outwith our control . delayed or lost in post , no communication or very late comms from customers telling us of problems, Customers who don’t understand the process and open disputes without contacting us first usually about supposed lost item’s
      Or being caught out of stock due to ebays system re advertising items we have previously removed .
      All these things have caused our seller rating to plummet and ebays answer every time is it’s all our fault never theirs or the customer . Were not in this to rip folk off but ebays systems are not faultless and either is the Royal mail.But they seem to ignore these facts. .
      It’s a disgrace it seems that they are determined to hammer my business for very little ,Our feed backs at 99.6 but no they have still hammered my business and to be honest have finished us on ebay, after more than ten years the money we make is no longer sufficient to justify the hassle . They really need to take a look at their over complicated systems and also support the genuine sellers who have invested heavily in their ebay shop. It’s a forlorn hope though as it’s getting worse every year ,
      As I have said before If anyone reading this is thinking of expanding or starting on ebay I say think long and hard as it is not easy by any means . Investing in a selling platform which does not respect it’s sellers or assist them is bound to be fraught with problems.

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