eBay reports Q316 earnings and results

By Dan Wilson October 20, 2016 - 2:13 am

eBay Inc’s revenue has grown for the 3rd consecutive quarter, according to results posted on Wednesday for the third quarter of 2016. Revenue growth was 5.6% over the same period in 2015.

eBay reported $2.22 billion in revenue compared with last year’s $2.1 billion in the same period. Net income of $413 million, roughly 36 cents a share, was however lower than the $539 million, or 45 cents, eBay posted a year ago.

When adjusted eBay exceeded analyst expectations, but the stock price took a bit of a battering in after hours trading falling 7%. There was some disappointment that GMV (gross merchandise volume) was not as buoyant as hoped. It came in at $20.1 billion instead of the expected $20.3 billion.

And eBay-owned StubHub is doing very well. It reported a 31% increase in sales up to $261 million and that’s growth greater than eBay Inc. as a whole.


  • Andy R
    8 months ago

    This is complete garbage.

    The site is not working again properly – pages just flash blank and close down.

    Just sweep all this stuff off the table and concentrate on the real issues that affect users of Ebay every single day.

  • Gary
    8 months ago

    ebay may have different systems with little downtime for its gold plated sellers

    • JD
      8 months ago

      Do ‘gold plated’ sellers get a shopping basket that works for .com buyers as well?

  • Gary
    8 months ago

    Gold plated sellers, Tesco, Argos and the like, don’t sell outside their home country. Assuming the 80/20 rule ebay will devote 80% of their resources to systems designed to benefit the gold plated sellers who generate most of their revenue. As long as you are happy to replicate the sales style of the gold plated sellers then you will have minimal ebay issues. Start straying from this pathway and you are doomed!

  • tinker
    8 months ago

    were solid gold never mind the cheap gol;d plated tat
    and we get bugger all extra

  • Ian A
    8 months ago

    2.22 billion.

    How much of that is private sellers and small businesses?

    I think eBays moved on, it can go to the dogs for all of us and they’ll still make a fortune

  • 8 months ago

    So is the 261M from StubHub included in the 413M profit?

    If yes then excluding StubHub profits from eBay total profits to give eBay only profits and comparing thee profits shows last year was 340M and this year is 152M – a decline of more than 50%.

    Also revenue comparison (2.1B to 2.22B) shows growth is just 6% which is lower than what I would expect for global ecommerce growth.

    Both comparisons seem to confirm eBay is in decline.

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