eBay acquires Corrigon to boost visual search

By Dan Wilson October 6, 2016 - 1:20 am

eBay has something like one billion listings on its various international marketplaces and that makes search a tricky proposition. So it’s interesting to note that they have acquired Corrigon which is a firm that specialises in visual search.

eBay announced the reported $30m deal today in a blog post.

Amit Menipaz, Vice President and General Manager of Structured Data at eBay says: “As we continue to evolve the eBay shopping experience, Corrigon’s technology and expertise will help buyers find the best results when shopping on eBay through experiences that were not possible a year ago, before our investments in structured data. Corrigon represents eBay’s third acquisition in the structured data space this year, further underscoring our commitment to powering deeper inventory insights for our sellers and compelling new user experiences for our buyers.”

Avinoam Omer, co-founder and CEO of Corrigon says:”Corrigon’s state-of-the art visual search technology enables fine grained product detection within images. We look forward to applying our expertise and technology to eBay’s platform, which has more than a billion product images. Working in partnership with eBay’s structured data team, we will help eBay sellers list more efficiently and eBay buyers find what they are looking for faster in order to increase customer sales conversions.”

There is no indication of what this acquisition will mean on a practical basis so we’ll keep ’em peeled.

  • james
    10 months ago

    “ebay wastes £30 mill they could have put into site stability.
    nobody sure what they actually bought or what it does.
    might have became an ebay rival one day if they didnt buy it, so squash it while its small.
    fail to integrate the base code into ebays already mongrel patchwork code soup.
    cause 3 days worth of outages trying to integrate, lose billions in sales, reap next to no benefit, blame sellers.”

  • 10 months ago

    “Corrigon’s state-of-the art visual search technology enables fine grained product detection within images.” in English someone?

    • james
      10 months ago

      it can look at a random image, and distinguish between a cat or a tin of beans.

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