Amazon US adds Prime Reading feature

By Dan Wilson October 10, 2016 - 10:59 pm

Amazon is continuing its campaign to increase the perks it offers to Amazon Prime users to make it increasingly “irresponsible” not to have a subscription. This new feature is called Prime Reading and it gives you access to a stack of book, magazines, comics and other reading that means that you’ll never be short of something to peruse.

The choice is eclectic. They say you can read “The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Man In the High Castle, The Millionaire Next Door, Half Way Home and When I’m Gone, comics such as The Complete Peanuts Vol. 1 and Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol. 1 as well as short works including Kindle Singles from Andy Borowitz, Stephen King, Jane Hirshfield and classic works from Gloria Steinem, Norman Mailer and Kurt Vonnegut.”

You don’t need a Kindle, you can use the apps on your phone too. Although it does appear to be currently a US only feature.

To find out more about the Amazon Prime Reading features, check out this page.

  • DBL
    10 months ago

    So what about the audible app if it comes to the UK? Does this mean Audible customers who also have a prime subscription will no longer have to pay, or will it be like Amazon video which gives free and paid titles?

    I would prefer that as £7.99 a month for my ‘reading’ 2 titles a month would work out a lot cheaper I’m sure!

  • Gary
    10 months ago

    The US Echo has the whispersync skill available. This is not available for the UK Echo as Amazon claim the copywrite laws are different (ie it would cost too much). I’m guessing prime reading won’t be available to European prime members for the same reason. Europeans get prime library limiting users to one book per month, no whispersync on Echo, and only if you have Amazon tablets or kindles.

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