Amazon UK launches ‘Certified Refurbished’ service for tech items

By Dan Wilson October 27, 2016 - 10:39 pm


Amazon has launched its Certified Refurbished service in the UK. You can find it here. It means you can buy bona fide second-hand tech items at a discount price and also enjoy a one year limited warranty.

The service is already available in the US and Germany. Amazon partners like Nike, TomTom, Apple, Dell, Samsung and Microsoft refurbish second-hand, pre-owned, items to an ‘as new’ standard and price them accordingly.

I’ve spotted a refurbished Apple iPhone 5s for £169. And there’s all sorts for sales including phones, PCs, fitness devices and Kindles.

It’s good news for the planet and pocket alike because not only can you get a decent item at a good price, these devices don’t end up in landfill or languishing unused. It’s a good bit of recycling.

  • Victor
    8 months ago

    Its just another bad strategy to sell used items after Amazon Wholesale. I checked the prices of these items offered by new Certified program and they are not at all good for used items.

  • Dave
    8 months ago

    I’ve got a few items listed on there, not a sniff yet.

    I’ve still not figured out how buyers can actually browse there way over there find it without a specific item search.

    The Certifed Refurbished doesn’t appear in the drop-down box from Amazon’s home page, nor is it in ‘Shop by Department’ or indeed on the Full Shop Directory.

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