Amazon Seller Central down across the EU

By Chris Dawson October 12, 2016 - 8:29 am

As ecommerce retailers wake up and start logging on to commence their day’s work, today they’re discovering that Amazon’s Seller Central is down. Many thanks to everyone who’s emailed in to let us know already this morning.

Amazon have said “Seller Central is temporarily unavailable. Our technical staff are working on a solution. While we work to fix this issue, Seller Support will not be able to access Seller Central on your behalf. We apologise for the inconvenience.”


As is always the case, we have absolutely no idea how long Seller Central could be off line for, it could be half an hour or it could be all morning. What we do know is that there’s very little anyone can do about it so put the kettle on, have a leisurely breakfast, stressing over it won’t change anything.

If you use third party multichannel management tools then you should be ok – as far as we’re aware there are no issues with the Amazon API. It’s only if you need to log directly into Amazon Seller Central that you’ll find problems.

  • Simon
    9 months ago

    Been trying to log on since 7.30am this morning and its still down.

    Not good Amazon, come on get it sorted

    • Satnam
      9 months ago

      Back up and running now :)

  • Satnam
    9 months ago

    Are you shouting your loyal TB readers breakfast, Chris? What a lovely offer :).
    It has been down for at least 1.5 hours now, I wonder how many page refreshes we’ll rack up…

    • 9 months ago

      I’d love to, but sadly on my way to the Internet Retailing Conference this morning so no time for a leisurely breakfast.

      However will gladly shout a few drinks for Tamebay readers at our 10th Birthday Party (We’ve free tickets to give away with free drinks on the night)… are you coming?

    • Satnam
      9 months ago

      Sounds tempting!

      A colleague somehow has access to Seller Central now, but he is the only one – bizarre…

      Oh well, I’m told that patience is a virtue!

  • Andy
    9 months ago

    What’s bizarre is is down but is up. Both on the ,com domain.

  • Adrian Middleton
    9 months ago

    Thanks Satnam. Just tried it myself and as you say, it’s back!

    • Satnam
      9 months ago

      You’re welcome!

  • Lee Pearce
    9 months ago

    There is a big backlog of order reports to be processed.

    Our 3P calls every hour and they have not had processed since 4.35 this morning.

    We have added 1 more call to the list for importing into Tradebox, but it might take an age today due to the backlog.


    • Satnam
      9 months ago

      Sounds about right, one report suggests that the outage was from around 4a.m. until 9a.m. Unaware as to what caused it though.

  • Sam Harvey
    9 months ago

    Ours has been down since 6pm last night, it is saying our credit card has expired and to update it.
    Our card doesn’t expire until next month and we dont have the new one yet, bizarrely when we try to log into seller central it is saying the card relates to Amazon product ads (we don’t use it for ads, it comes straight out of our balance now) and the card details are greyed out and the update button does not work!

    We are not receiving our orders through the API either!

    Still waiting for them to get back to us since last night.

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