UK Retail Report 2016 celebrates 21 years of eBay

By Chris Dawson September 21, 2016 - 9:48 am

ebay-retail-reportTo celebrate their 21st Birthday, eBay have just gone live with their UK Retail Report – a snapshot of the way Brits bid, bought and sold in 2015/16.

It’s an interactive website where eBay share their data, telling the story of the biggest trends of the past 12 months on eBay UK and how cultural events shaped shopping behaviour.

It’s also a look at the future trends eBay see as a marketplace and exclusive insight into the way they interpret shopping – for example cutting eBay’s own numbers with Land Registry data to understand how people buy and sell when they move home.

According to the report, TV is changing how we shop and inspires us to shop on the sofa – Smartphones touch 57% of eBay purchases and many customers mobile-shop when inspired. eBay reveal the most influential programmes – Game of Thrones’ Emmy success mirrors its enormous buying power on eBay and Peaky Blinders joined The Great British Bake Off as some of the UK’s most influential shows. There were over 1.2million searches for ‘Thrones alone this year, extending into categories like clothing, showing the power of cult TV.

Brits love to have the latest tech. Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007 and it remains one of the most wanted pieces of tech on eBay. And today, Brits are also fond of selling their old device to keep up with the latest device release. When the iPhone 7 launched this month, Brits used eBay to search the sale price they’d get for their old model as they wait to trade up. Today, eBay has more than 410,000 listings available for ‘smartphone’ onsite.

However we’re not always stuck inside on our phones. April 2016 saw an unusual sunny spell and Brits headed outside, with searches for BBQs up to over 200,000 during this time. eBay’s Retail Report data shows that the Easter bank holiday is always the watershed moment for Brits buying outdoor goods – and having BBQs – no matter what the weather is like.

Murray Lambell, Director of UK Trading at eBay, was on BBC this morning, here’s what he had to say about the UK Retail Report:

  • Shilpi Virtual Assistant
    1 year ago

    Read a report that with a new Iphone 7 release the listings for selling older models has increased. Amazed to know that more than 410,000 listings are available for ‘smartphone’ onsite. Buyers may get at older models at great deals 🙂

    • james
      1 year ago

      insert name here.

      use chatbot to spam forums with irrelevent non-content by way of advertising.

      “amazed to find this article really interests those in the market for such things” is a typical chatbot spam comment.

      are you actually a spambot shipli?

      dont answer, unless to say yes, spambots are all programmed to deny they’re spambots.

      some short reference reading:

    • 1 year ago

      Looks like our spam software settings needs an update…

    • Techno-Liam Virtual Assistant
      1 year ago


  • Ian T
    1 year ago

    Happy Birthday! Let’s celebrate with Paypal being down today (see Down Detector). I managed to buy an item via Paypal outside of eBay but it took an age to go through.

    Phone sales on ebay are probably the number one item that has caused so much mis-trust for both buyers and sellers on eBay and a reason why many people don’t use the site any more. Think about all the phone related problems we have all heard about on ebay (probably mostly concerning second hand or spairs and repair phones) over the past few years and it’s easy to see why phone related searches might no be something to be optimistic about with regards eBay.

    Slightly off topic again but I wanted to ask if other sellers find their sales generally drop off a cliff every time ebay has one of it’s 50,000 free listings weeks which they are currently doing at the moment (invite only but I’m guessing most sellers here are included). Every month without fail my sales dry up the Monday to Wednesday of any 50,000 listing week. Things are generally fine otherwise during the week but weekends can be a ghost town week in week out these days. I really don’t know if these free listings of 50,000 benefit anyone. My hunch is that eBay hope most people will put up listings on good til’ cancelled rather than 30 days and then forget to end them before they renew with fees attached (assuming the seller has used up their monthly free listing limit of course). If someone really spams the 50,000 listing deal with every possible variation of a custom”Keep Calm” quote mug for example then ebay are quids in if the seller fails to end the listings.

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    They’re not interested in reporting on when Ebay or Paypal go down. It happens too often to be newsworthy any more.

    • 1 year ago

      The peak on DownDetector for PayPal is showing just 21 reports for the past 24 hours… that’s hardly statistically significant 😉

    • JD
      1 year ago

      Chris you are looking at PayPal (US). PayPal (UK) peaked at 140. This is at very least moderately significant as some users may be ‘blaming’ the selling site for the issues rather than PayPal on top of that 140.

      After a respite the reports are again rising.

    • JD
      1 year ago

      Also Chris your comment misrepresents the graphs shown by downdetector.

      Whilst the graph is shown for a 24 hour period, the graph plots the number of complaints received per 15 minutes So the 140 reports shown would be in a rolling window of 15 minutes.

    • 1 year ago

      I said “peak on downdetector”. The heat map on and .com are the same.

      Frankly from experience eBay and PayPal always have some glitch reports. There are always bumps. However we know that the shit has really hit the fan when it gets into the 1000s, not the 100s…. If things have gone wrong on a widespread scale there would be a lot more reports.

    • JD
      1 year ago

      Chris you said:

      ‘The peak on DownDetector for PayPal is showing just 21 reports for the past 24 hours’

      You did not make it clear that the peak was for a rolling 15 minute period within those 24 hours. And you quoted US figures.

      The heat map may well be the same worldwide but the numbers for the UK were more significamt than those for the US, at the time of the issues much of the US would have been asleep.

      And yes I am a pedant when it comes to representation and perception.

    • 1 year ago

      Yes you are a ridiculous pedant, so just for you….

      “In the last day, in any 15 minute period on, there have been no more than a maximum of 21 PayPal reports in any single 15 minute period. This would make 21 reports the peak for the past 24 hours”.

      Peak, definition: A highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time

    • 1 year ago

      Paypal / ebay are definitely being a bit rubbish at the moment, whatever down detector says.

      Yesterday most of my paypal notifications were hours late and some never came through at all.

      Today paypal and ebay are not communicating with each other, as I’ve had 3 paypal notifications that aren’t showing up in sold on ebay.

      These cockups seem to be happening more frequently.

    • Andy R
      1 year ago

      Checked myself, Chris.

      Paypal peak reports at 140 and over 70 for much of today, not max 21 as you said.

      Just saying.

    • 1 year ago

      Hey Andy, UK or US downdetector… either way it’s a piddling bit of background noise. Trust me, our inboxes at Tamebay know if there’s a mojor issue and today there’s not 😉

    • Sam O'levski
      1 year ago

      Not saying there was a major issue, but no UK sales for a few days although several European ones – this should be peak UK sales time Mon-Thurs as stuff will arrive by Saturday, so to have sales on Monday then only Europe after that is really not normal at all.
      A friend who sells masses more than me has had a big drop as well, so some of us are certainly seeing a problem.
      Another one I have not had before are sales which don’t show up in my sold list or when I click ‘awaiting dispatch’, which is how I usually see what needs packing and the address – got bad feedback for something I never posted due to it still not showing even now, although entering the item number brings it up.
      Put that together with windows 10 anniversary update glitches and I’m a really happy bunny right now !

    • Sam O'levski
      1 year ago

      I think so many people can’t be bothered to click to report a problem on downdetector as they are not interested in helping anyone else – it’s very much a ‘me’ society these days.
      I know several people in my small circle who can’t be bothered, so nationally it must be loads, and means the true scale of any problem is never really represented.
      There are the same people who seem to use the downdetector site as a kind of social club, which I find rather odd – do they really have several problems a week, or just very few friends ?

    • JC
      1 year ago

      Even at that down detector is not essentially the most reliable source for recognizing inconsistencies of any website it’s just the most widely used

      The reports given are an amalgamation of complaints by users of the site and we all know a person or two that just loves complaining if a webpage takes all too long to load, the issue could be with their ISP, device or a number of other things and they will just tweet that eBay has caused the problem, this in turn makes a report on down detector

      This applies for any site at all that you check on down detector, its just not consistently reliable to see how a site performs. They even said themselves “By displaying tweets that report issues, we do not claim that a company is suffering from an outage or any other kind of problem”

      Im not saying eBay or Paypal doesn’t have problems but I am saying down detector is not a fantastic source to see the problems

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    Ebay experiences significant problems on roughly half the days in an average month.

    Check downdetector (the UK site, not dot com) and see for yourself.

    Also compare this performance to Ebay’s role model, Amazon.

    Almost no days of problems.

    Throw in the occasional paypal payment problems and it’s easy to see how sales can fall off a cliff.

    Why SHOULD buyers have to put up with a malfunctioning site and checkout.

    Why SHOULD buyers have to put up with search and payments problems on Ebay?

    They get away with it because it just isn’t newsworthy any more.

    The occasional day when Ebay literally falls on its ar*e for 24 hrs or more still makes ripples.

    But not otherwise.

    The b*stards have won.

  • tinker
    1 year ago

    its all down to ebay throttling
    downdetecter reports

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