Shopware partners with Lengow to add multichannel listing

By Chris Dawson September 25, 2016 - 12:18 pm

Shopware-LogoShopware and Lengow have formed a partnership to help retailers sell on multiple online channels easily and efficiently.

With more than 54,000 clients, Shopware is one of the leading online shop systems in Europe and number one in Germany. Lengow supports retailers and brands working in ecommerce, by allowing them to distribute their product catalogues on multiple channels and to improve their sales around the globe.

LengowThe indexing and tracking of products on multiple platforms can be a costly and time-consuming affair without the proper tools. Lengow provides the perfect solution to regulate sales campaigns via a single interface, which adapts and optimises product catalogues to the requirements of different channels. Lengow currently works with more than 1,800 ecommerce channels around the world such as marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks, retargeting and social networks.

As a new partner, Shopware is now connecting their software with the Lengow platform. An installed interface, in the form of a plugin, will connect the systems together. Shopware users will then be able to export their product catalogues through the Lengow platform, and use a generated link when expanding onto other ecommerce channels, allowing their product catalogue to be automatically distributed.

The announcement comes just a few days before Lengow Day 2016 takes place in Paris on Tuesday the 27th September.

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